Chekker Health

A digital web app for ordering at-home lab tests

This case study aims to demonstrate my process of creating the user experience and interfaces of a digital test ordering web application. The web app allows individuals to conveniently order medical tests online. Through user research, iterative design, and usability testing, I was able to address pain points and enhance the overall usability of the application


  • To Reduce the time and effort required to get a medical laboratory test done.
  • Improve the clarity of instructions and information provided to healthcare providers.
  • Enhance overall user satisfaction and engagement.

Research Phase

  • User Interviews:  Along side with a UX Researcher, we conducted in-depth interviews with individuals and healthcare providers to understand their current experiences, pain points, and needs when ordering tests.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyzed similar digital test ordering platforms to identify industry best practices and potential areas for improvement.
  • User Surveys: Surveys were carried out to a wider audience of healthcare providers to gather quantitative data on their preferences and pain points.

Key Findings

  • Complex Behaviour: Users found the current ordering process confusing and time-consuming, with too many steps and options.
  • Lack of Clarity: Users struggled to find relevant test information, interpret test requirements, and understand the implications of certain test options.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Users expressed a desire for a mobile-friendly version of the application to conveniently place orders on the go.
  • Communication: Users desired clearer communication channels with the testing laboratory for inquiries or additional information

Design and Iteration

User Flows and Information Architecture

Based on the research findings, I simplified the ordering process by reducing unnecessary steps and improving the flow. I also restructured the information architecture to make it easier for users to find relevant test details and instructions. It’s imaginative and accesible.

Results and Testing

  • Streamlined Ordering Process: The revised design reduced the number of steps required to place an order, leading to a more efficient and intuitive process.
  • Improved Information Clarity: Clearer instructions and easily accessible test information helped users make informed decisions and reduced ambiguity.
  • Responsive Design: Designed a mobile-responsive version of the web app, enabling healthcare providers to conveniently place orders on various devices.