Mike Olukayode

Product (UI/UX) Design, Web Design

I am inspired by people and everyday things, sincerely appreciate the value of user-centered designs and how it affects meaningful digital experiences.



Adobe XD




Corel Draw


Prophlebs by Chekkers is an innovative mobile app created for Chekker Health, aiming to modernize the blood sample collection process. It allows phlebotomists to receive order requests, collect samples from nearby locations, and deliver them to the nearest laboratory, improving their workflow and creating an additional income source.

Enhancing the User Experience of a Digital Test Ordering Web App

Through user research, iterative design, and usability testing, I was able to address pain points and enhance the overall usability of the application.

Polvote, A Web App for Politics, E-Voting, and Social Interaction

With Polvote, a web application designed to provide users with a platform to explore politics, participate in e-voting, and engage in social interactions related to political topics.

The project’s objective was to provide an intuitive and captivating user experience that promotes involvement, knowledge exchange, and well-informed decision-making.

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